Propeller CO2 Develops
Green-Hydrogen-as-a-Service Projects for Energy, Transport, Utility, and Industrial Clients Globally

P.CO2 combines Green H2 Tech, Finance, and Operations in a Turn-Key Solution.

  • 1 Green-H2-as-a-Service
    Project Design

  • 2 Green-H2-as-a-Service
    Project Funding

  • 3 Green-H2 Fuel Delivery
    & H2 Credit Collection

  • 4 Green-H2 Generator On-Site
    Operations & Maintenance

*Final Gölu-H2 unit delivered may look different than above.

The Golu-H2 Generator converts Ethanol and Water to Green Hydrogen through a Renewable Process with no external Energy Required while recycling CO2

  • Fueling Stations

    Accessible, Remote, Utilize Existing Infrastructure

  • FCEV MD/HD Trucks

    Fuel Cell Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks

  • Industrial Uses

    Ammonia, Petroleum, Metal Production

  • Residential Heating

    High Efficiency Heat & Power

  • FCEV Trains

    Fuel Cell Freight, Passenger Trains

  • Auxiliary Power

    Cargo, Millitary, Cruise Ships

  • Backup Power

    Hospitals, Small Towns, Large Work Sites

  • Remote Generators

    Servers, Oil Rigs, Remote Sites, Stores

Package 1

Gölu-H2 Generator comes Funded Maintained & Insured

Gölu-H2 Generator comes Funded, Maintained and Insured at Zero-Cost Up-Front for the Client. Client Owns and Operates Golu-H2 Generator. Client retains all H2 Revenue including Credits and pays a Fixed Monthly Green H2 Fuel-as-a-Service Fee for a Set Term, which may be recovered by a range of associated H2 Credits, Carbon Credits, and Subsidies generated by the Project.

Package 2

Gölu H2 Delivers Green Hydrogen Fuel On-Site

Gölu-H2 Generator comes Funded, Owned and Operated by P.CO2 and Delivers Green H2 Fuel On-Site to Power Client Operations or to be Sold into the Market.

Client pays Zero-Up Front and Enters into a Green H2 Fuel Purchase Agreement.

Green-Hydrogen-as-a-Service Packages are subject to respective Terms and Conditions and a Complete Underwriting and Diligence Review.

Green Hydrogen-as-a-Service Solutions can be bundled with a Fuel Cell to deliver a Green-Electricity-as-a-Service Package.

Green-Hydrogen-as-a-Service Package can also include a Golu Carbon Capture System